Oadby Society of Artists August Workshop

Scott Bridgwood w/s Scott Bridgwood w/s Scott Bridgwood w/s Scott Bridgwood w/s

Members and friends of the Society took part in the August workshop led by Leicester artist Scott Bridgwood (chairman of the Leicester society of artists).The subject of the day was "still Life". Everyone was invited to bring their own objects and the first hour was spent discussing each others arrangements and possible ways of improving the composition.

The main accent was on the balance of colour and in particular the frame chosen for the work e.g. using just one part of the still life arrangement. Scott gave the group a great deal of excellent advisce and it was agreed that the session was particularly instructive. Scott runs many teaching and coaching sessions, the group found the day extremely entertaining and imaginative.

Scott can be found through his web site http://www.scottbridgwood.daportfolio.com/