Oadby Society of Artists December demonstration

Jenie Neale Jenie Neale Jenie Neale

Jenie gave us a very stimulating demonstration of wet-in-wet botanical painting of a poinsettia. Jenie talked to us about layering (or glazing) different strengths of watercolour to build up the form and shadow of each leaf or petal etc.. This takes many hours so she has recently been using a more wet-in-wet technique to produce a faster result which is more suited to demonstration. This effect is just as masterly but does not give the botanical exactness she would normally achieve.


She also demonstrated the effectiveness of using the complimentary colours in shadows and advocated constructing our own colour wheel showing us her own examples, one of which was the biggest colour wheel we have seen! The evening was most absorbing and we were very grateful that she made the journey from Warwick in the the thick fog for us.